Rebasing, work & feature branching

IdeasDeveloper Practice

I'm a member of a few software teams and, very frequently, we commit code to our main branch. Common themes within my teams are not to have a develop branch or even release cycles. Instead, we release regularly. This isn't common practice in big...

Short thought on distributed compute


Being an avid user of Apple's products, one of the standout features that I enjoy is the on-device processing of my personal data. Be it searching for an image, or Siri suggesting a calendar event based on a flight in my email, it's extremely useful.

Grocery Store — A coding challenge

Code Challenge

This coding challenge is the first of a series I will be posting for TypeScript & Golang, although it can be completed in other languages. As these are used for internal recruitment purposes, I recommend that you keep repositories with this challenge...

My new site deploys to Vercel


First post. This is my first time builing & deploying a site using Next.js and frankly it's a wonder it's taken me this long — it's wonderful.